Sunday, 10 June 2012

Free Gyms

Free Gyms

I have seen mentioned, many times, free gyms in parks. I assumed that this was an American tradition, and something that has passed us by in England. However, I thought it was a surperb idea and certainly one that should be used in England. The more I read, however, the more it seemed that this idea was apparently being utilised in England too. However, I had never seen one of these gyms before in my life. It was a great pleasure, therefore, when I saw a brand new one installed in a park not far from where I live.

As Good As a Real Gym?

Now, obviously, these park gyms are not as good or advanced as a professional sports gym or fitness club, and the equipment is nowhere near as good. However, it is more the fact that these are a way for ANYBODY to have a chance to use some equipment and exercise a few muscles.  I truly believe that initiatives like this should be encouraged further, and installed in more parks for everyone to use.

I am totally aware, though, of the dangers of abuse and vandelism, but a lot of good may come from them too. I am hoping these will continue to be installed.

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