Friday, 1 June 2012

A Weight Free Workout

A bodyweight exercise programme

Many of us cannot afford the time or cost of a gym membership. On top of that, many of us struggle to get any training in at all. However, there should be no real excuse not to exercise. Reading around the internet I happened to come across another weight free workout that is very effective. For this workout we only need two pieces of equipment; a Swiss ball and a Pull Up bar. This workout is known as the Bodyweight 200, as it requires 200 repetitions in total!

How Often to do the Workout?

This workout is designed to be completed 3 times a week, and the source suggests Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, it is more important to fit it in to our own schedule, so any combination will be sufficient.

The Workout

It is important that the workout is completed in one go, with only short rests in between the exercises.

1. 30 repetitions of Prisoner Squats
2. 30 push-ups
3. 10 jumps
4. 10 Swiss-ball leg curls
5. 10 Swiss-ball pikes
6. 20 step ups
7. 5 pull ups or chin ups
8. 30 forward lunges
9. 20 tucked-elbow push-ups
10. 15 inverted rows
11. 15 prisoner squats
12. 5 pull ups or chin ups

If this is too easy then repeat the workout with only a short rest. This workout will work the entire body, can be done at home and requires very little equipment.

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