Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Are We Taking More Risks With Our Food?

According to the BBC, we are taking more risks with the food we are eating. A survey suggests that risks are being taken with our food due to money constraints. It is suggested that we are trying to make more of our food, trying to stretch it further. There are a number of points to address with these issues.

First of all, money constraints. This is a clearly an issue for many people, and it is vitally important that we are careful with our money and use it wisely, even on food. However, we should always be careful of what we eat. I truly believe that we can control our spending and still eat healthily and safely. There is no need to go past 'use-by' dates.

Secondly, we need to sensible about things. Just because food is passed a 'sell-by' date does not mean that it is dangerous. A 'use-by' date is a different matter as this suggests potential harm. But a sell-by date is not something we should panic about. If it looks and smells bad, then we should not use it. Sensible! Let's not forget, we have not always had to rely on these dates on our food!

It is also important to note that we can always look to the freezer to preserve our food. If we know we are not going to use something then why not freeze it. This will give it some extra life and we can still enjoy it!

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