Sunday, 3 June 2012

An Essential Exercise - The Lunge


This blog entry is going to look into an exercise that is often overlooked, but is a very effective bodyweight exercise that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. We will look into how to do lunges as well as the advantages and benefits of doing lunges. This is an exercise that is still used in the military today, so it is clearly a vital exercise.

How to do Lunges

Lunges are a simple exercise to do and can be done anywhere, making them a useful exercise to utilize. To perform a lunge we begin with our feet shoulder width apart. From here, we step forward with one foot so that it is in front of us. As we step we bend at the knee and hip so that our rear leg is almost in contact with the floor. We then bring ourselves back to the starting position. It is important that when we are performing lunges that we keep our head and shoulders relaxed and brace our abdomen.

What are the benefits of lunges?

Lunges are designed to strengthen the thigh muscles and the glute, as well as other muscles. This is a benefit in itself, any exercise that targets more than one muscle is a good thing! Lunges also help to develop and improve our balance, provide a core workout and are good for the spine.

What muscles do lunges work?

As mentioned earlier, lunges work a variety of muscles. They primarily work the quadriceps but also hit a number of other muscles. The glutes, the hamstrings, the core muscles and the soleus. On top of working these muscles lunges are good for the spine!

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