Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Best Time To Exercise

There are lots of different ideas as to what the best time of day to exercise is. It is generally accepted that first thing in the morning, or last thing at night are the two best times to complete your training.

There are many advantages to exercising first thing in the morning. Firstly, there being fewer distractions and schedules to worry about early on in the day and you can make time for exercise by getting up earlier. Exercising in the morning raises your heart rate and therefore metabolism for the day, which allows for more calories to be burnt throughout the day, the body will also be energised for the day. Finally, according to some reports, exercising in the morning allows your brain to function better for hours.

 There are also many advantages to exercising in the evening. Firstly, for most people, the temperature of the body peaks at around 6 p.m. and exercising around this weak will allow for the best workout for both endurance and for building muscle. Secondly, by this time, your muscles will be warm and flexible, making it easier to work out. Exercising later in the day can also act as a stress relief after a day of work/school etc.

There are also advantages to training at other times during the day; however I feel that these two are the best from my experience. Ultimately, I would say that exercising in the morning is the best for losing weight and training in either the morning or the evening is equally good for muscle building/toning. A few years ago I began losing weight and getting into better shape and the majority of my training was completed in the morning and so I feel that this is definitely what I would advise to anyone wanting to lose belly fat.

Friday, 8 July 2011

The importance of good form

With regards to building muscle and/or strength and exercising there is something that is far more important than the size of the weight that you are lifting. That is not to say that you should not try heavier weights and develop, but there is something more important, in my experience, than that.

What I am talking about is form. Doing the exercises properly is the most important thing to do. Form, is far more important than the size of the weight. Completing exercises properly will allow a person to get far more from their workout than if they rush the exercises, for whatever reason.

You should not attempt to lift a weight that means you cannot complete the full range of motion required for the exercise. If you are unable to lift the weight properly then it is likely that it is far too heavy. Not being able to lift it means that you are not gaining what you should be from the weight lift.

You should not do the exercises too quickly, as this leads to an uncontrolled movement, which means that, again, you are missing out when it comes to what you gain from your workout. This also increases the chances of injury occurring.

So, the key points to remember are; form is the most important thing in exercise, do not rush the exercise as it may cause you to not complete the exercise correctly, use a smaller weight in order to complete the exercise the right way and feel, and see, the benefits.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Chinese Tea

I read a blog on another site today that discussed chinese tea, claiming that it can help you lose weight. Despite the poor use of English and the clear fact that the writer was just trying to sell a product it is something that I am interested in trying.
I, personally, already drink green tea, and I do feel that this gives me energy and I also love drinking it. White tea is another that I am fond of. It is commonly accepted that the caffeine in tea can boost your metabolism and therefore help, when in a healthy diet, to lose weight. However, whether Ooolong tea (which is the tea that was discussed in the blog that I mentioned) will have a better effect, than green tea for example, or not remains to be seen.
My main issue with drinking tea at all is that I don't want to become addicted to it (through the caffeine). I know from experience that my mother and father can't go a day (or is that hour) without a cup of tea, and I don't want to get to this stage!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Team Sports

I have been reading an article recently (a few times over as it so happens) regarding team sports. I take part in team sports (football, or soccer) at least two or three times a week and the article definitely struck home with me. The basic premise of the article suggests that team sports increase ‘happy hormones’ as well as increasing fitness levels.

The study, at West Virginia University, suggests that training solo means you are five times more likely to have a poor perception of your own health. This means that playing sport in teams can help to avoid depression and boost hormones making you a happier person!

I’ve always found it easier to exercise through playing football, rather than going to the gym (although I do go to the gym) as it is a far more enjoyable experience. Now it seems that this will help me both physically and mentally.