Friday, 8 July 2011

The importance of good form

With regards to building muscle and/or strength and exercising there is something that is far more important than the size of the weight that you are lifting. That is not to say that you should not try heavier weights and develop, but there is something more important, in my experience, than that.

What I am talking about is form. Doing the exercises properly is the most important thing to do. Form, is far more important than the size of the weight. Completing exercises properly will allow a person to get far more from their workout than if they rush the exercises, for whatever reason.

You should not attempt to lift a weight that means you cannot complete the full range of motion required for the exercise. If you are unable to lift the weight properly then it is likely that it is far too heavy. Not being able to lift it means that you are not gaining what you should be from the weight lift.

You should not do the exercises too quickly, as this leads to an uncontrolled movement, which means that, again, you are missing out when it comes to what you gain from your workout. This also increases the chances of injury occurring.

So, the key points to remember are; form is the most important thing in exercise, do not rush the exercise as it may cause you to not complete the exercise correctly, use a smaller weight in order to complete the exercise the right way and feel, and see, the benefits.


  1. This is just the kind of blog i needed to start following! I dedicated myself to fitness only yesterday, so it's just in time that I found this one... reading through all your old posts, great stuff!

  2. This is 100% truth. I see a lot of guys go to the gym and think they have to put on a show, and they never get results. It's all about sucking up your pride and doing the weight that's right for you, even if it's 10 lbs less than the guy standing next to you.

  3. Well thanks very much Mike, I try to provide useful information so hopefully you will find something you like!

    And, yes, Beer, people do try to 'put on a show' and they'll lose out in the end.

    Thanks for your posts.