Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Fitness Test for Everyone

Test Your Fitness

This blog entry is going to show a short fitness test for us to give ourselves a fitness ranking in different areas! There are six different areas and the idea is that we perform each test and record our results. We can then analyse what our results mean. (Test taken from Men’s Health Magazine)

1)      Perform as many press-ups as you can in a row. Record the result.
2)      Stand up and see how many seconds you can balance on one leg.
3)      Now see how long you can hold the plank position for.
4)      Now stand by a wall and jump as high as you can to tap it. Record the height in cm.
5)      Now hang from a pull-up bar, keeping your arms straight. See how many seconds you can hang for.
6)      Finally, run 1K as fast as possible and record the time in minutes.

Analysing the results

The first test is one of strength-endurance. If you scored over 60, this is strong, 40-60 is good, 20-39 is average, and below 20 is weak.

The second test is of the stability of the core. For a strong rating you need to have scored over 120 seconds, good is 60-120 seconds, average is 30-59 seconds and less than 30 seconds is weak.

The third test is simply about the strength of your core. Over 120 seconds is considered a strong core, 60-120 is good, 30-59 is average and any less than this is weak.

The fourth test is about explosive power. To gain a strong rating you need to tap at over 50cm, 36-50cm is good, 25-35 is average, and less than this is weak.

The fifth test is all about the strength of our grip. To hold your grip, in this test, for over 120 seconds gains a strong rating, for 60-120 seconds is good, 30-59 seconds is average and anything below is weak.

The final test is all about cardiovascular fitness. In completing the run in less than 4 minutes is strong, 4.5-5mins is good, 5.5-7mins is average and any longer than 7 minutes is weak.

In completing this test and looking at the results it is important that we do not take them ratings too seriously. However, this can give us a good guide of our fitness levels and can also give us goals to try and achieve.


  1. Very good and wonderful ideas to judge our strength and fitness level. Press ups really a hard exercise and when I tried it first time I could hardly able to do 5 reps.
    Cary Gyms

    1. It is the same for everyone! Hard work will increase our reps. This fitness test (for me) gives me goals to aim for, and helps motivate me to work that bit harder. Press ups are probably my favourite exercise.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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    1. Of course, what is your email address?