Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Benefits of Exercise – Beyond Fitness: Part 2

We all know that to be fit, lose weight and/or build muscle we need to exercise. However, there are many other benefits to regular exercise. Today’s blog is the second part of the Benefits of Exercise – Beyond Fitness.


It is true that we can feel more empowered through regular exercise. The most important aspect of this, in my mind, is that we gain control of our own lives. Exercise can certainly give us a sense of accomplishment and this can help us to attack other obstacles in our lives.

Self esteem

Although self esteem could fit in with ‘Emotional Benefits’ (see here), I decided that it probably deserved a section of its own as I see at as such an important part of exercise. Through improved physique and posture from exercise we can develop a greater self image and our esteem can improve. An improved esteem can lead to an improved life in so many areas, including work, love life and family.

Slows aging process - Can exercise slow the aging process?

A lot of research suggests that regular exercise can help to slow the aging process, and who wouldn’t want that?! It is suggested that the level of insulin in the blood is reduced through exercise and these hormones impact the aging process. It is also thought that there are anti-aging hormones that are increased through exercise. A study published in the journal, Circulation, suggests that regular, strenuous, long term exercise may in fact impact on our chromosomes and help with anti-aging in this form too.

Look good

Although we exercise for our health, one of the main reasons we exercise is to look good, let’s be honest. Through exercising we get in the shape we want to be in and end up looking how we want. This is turn can lead to many other positive effects such as the improved self esteem mentioned earlier.

So that wraps up the second part of Benefits of Exercise – Beyond Fitness. It is fair to say that there are probably even more benefits to exercise out there, but these are some of the most important ones in my mind.

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