Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Benefits of Exercise – Beyond Fitness: Part 1

So, as we all know, to be fit we need to exercise. However, exercise goes way beyond just fitness and has many other benefits to our lives. In today’s blog entry we will look into a number of other benefits that we get from exercising other than the physical benefits that get talked about regularly.  

Psychological Benefits

Often, the psychological benefits of exercise go unmentioned when discussing physical activity. It is strongly suggested that regular exercise can help to both prevent depression and be used as a cure for depression. Stress relief is another psychological benefit of exercising. As little as a ten minute walk, it is suggested, can help to reduce stress levels in our body due to endorphins being released. Some studies indicate that regular exercise will reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease too.   

Aids Sleep

People who regularly exercise appear to have a better nights sleep. However, exercising just before we attempt to go to sleep will keep us awake!


In a similar vein to the psychological benefits of exercise, there are emotional benefits too. The release of endorphins leaves us feeling happier and more optimistic and surely we all want to be happier.

Fighting Disease

Much research suggests that regular exercise can help in the fight against a number of diseases. Studies seem to indicate that regular, vigorous exercise can help to prevent heart disease. Research completed by Queen’s University Belfast along with Glasgow University suggests people taking part in more vigorous exercise on a regular basis suffer fewer heart attacks than those who did not. Research also suggests that regular exercise can lower our risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and colon cancer (plus other forms of cancer).

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