Friday, 13 January 2012

Curl Ups - A great abdominal exercise

This blog post is about an exercise known as Curl Ups and they target the whole abdominal area. This is a very effective abdominal exercise and will help tone and develop the abdomen.

To do the exercise, firstly we lie down; face up with our left leg straight on the floor and the right leg bent, with the right foot flat. Underneath the natural arch of our back we place our hands, palm down. We then slowly raise our head and shoulders from the floor without bending the lower back and spine. When we are in this position we hold it for 8-10 seconds. This counts for one repetition. Complete 5 repetitions and then swap legs and complete another 5 on the other side.

This exercise is so good because it works the whole abdomen but minimises the stress on our back/spine.


  1. I do something similar to this in my workouts, but I'll have to add this as well.

    1. Yes curl ups are a good one, but there are similar exercises out there. I just think that curl ups are one of the best abs exercises, certainly for me.

  2. Abdominal exercises are vital for good balance and primary balance and your primary is where all body motions begin. As you success, the primary muscle tissue work to secure the back.


  3. Thanks for pointing out how curl ups are a good exercise not only for your arms, but your abs as well when you pull up on the weights. Great read.