Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Should We Avoid Eating Fruit?

Should We Avoid Fruit?

I am going to begin this blog entry by answering the question immediately – no we should not avoid fruit. We should definitely not be avoiding fruit in our diet and the rest of this blog entry will explain further.

The Myth

It is not uncommon to hear people suggesting that we attempt to keep fruit from our diet. There seems to be a variety of reasons behind this but what it all boils down to essentially is the amount of (natural) sugar in fruits and the belief that sugar is bad for you and therefore fruit should be avoided. So that is basically the belief.

Why We Should Not Avoid Fruits

Fruit contains a natural form of sugar called fructose. This is not the same as the added sugar that we find in sugary drinks, cakes and biscuits (or cookies for Americans). Now, it is true that there is a fairly high amount of sugar (fructose) in fruits but when we compare with chocolate bars we can really see why we should stick to eating fruits. Fruit contains far less calories than a chocolate bar, but also contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and other good stuff that is lacking from a chocolate bar. Coupled with the fact that chocolate bars contain far more calories, we can see why fruits should remain in our diet.

It is certainly true that we should not ONLY eat fruits but they should remain a major part of our diet. They contain too much good to be avoided.


  1. If I avoided fruit I'd probably die, I love it far too much.