Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Keys To A Successful Workout

Keys To A Successful Workout

It is all well and good to exercise, but we need to make sure that we are getting the most from a workout. This blog entry will look to examine the keys to a successful workout. Let’s go!

Just as strong – from set to set

When we are working out we can judge the perfect amount of repetitions by being able to do a similar amount each time. If there is a major drop from our first set to our second, then we are doing too much on the first. But if we are able to do a similar amount each time then three things are being shown. Firstly, that we are using the right amount of weight. Secondly, we are resting the right amount of time in between each set. Finally, it shows us that our body is correctly fuelled for the workout.

No Hunger

When we are working out it is important that we do not feel hungry during the workout. If we do feel hungry during a workout it suggests that our blood-glucose levels are dropping and this is bad. Essentially, when this happens, we end up using muscle protein for energy and this means that our muscles will shrink rather than grow.

Feeling Pumped

As we’re working out our muscles should begin to look bigger, more refined, as well as feel heavier. This is the feeling of pumped! I think Arnie described as a feeling better than sex!

Not Wiped Out

It is important that after our workout we feel worked out. We should feel a bit shaky after the workout. However, it is important that, while we do feel tired, we do not feel like we cannot move, or pick something up. If it were like this it would show that we had done too much.

We Want More

Another great sign of us working out successfully is whether or not we want to go back for more! If we feel that we are looking forward to our next workout this is an excellent sign that things are going well. This stems from us seeing improvements in our body due to a workout and therefore we want to improve further and cannot wait to get back on it.

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