Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Diet Myths - Part 1

I recently posted about some common fitness myths that are common mistakes that people make. Today I will discuss some myths relating to diet.

The first myth today is about low, or no, fat diets. People believe that cutting fat out of your diet is a good idea. It isn't. As with most things it is about moderation. However, completely removing fat from your diet is truly a bad idea. Fat is important to our body, it is used for energy, to repair tissue as well as to help use vitamins. Do not eliminate fat from your diet!

The second myth that I will discuss is the idea that eating late at night will be more fattening to your body. Many diets suggest that after a certain time in the evening you should not eat. Again, this is not a good idea. To put it simply, you should eat when you are hungry. Listen to the clues that your body gives you!

On a completely different note, are there any De Niro fans reading?


  1. fan here! and +following you by the way xD

  2. Thanks a lot! Make sure you check out some other posts. Oh and De Niro is magic.

  3. I love series that debunk myths... keep it up.