Saturday, 18 June 2011

Police Fitness

I read an interesting article yesterday about fitness within the police force here in England. The article discusses the proposal of annual fitness tests being introduced in order to ensure that the police officers are in top shape. The current system in place means that only new recruits need to pass a fitness examination to prove they are fit enough to go on duty. This means that more experienced police officers can get out of shape without being checked on. This is quite a worrying idea in a sense. The police in England are unarmed and therefore, surely, they should be required to be in top shape to stop criminals and protect the public. I, personally, would certainly not want unfit officers protecting me.

According to the article, the current fitness test includes and endurance shuttle run, where officers must run back and forth on a 15 metre track in time to beeps. This lasts for three and a half minutes and is intended to mimic foot chases. The second stage involves chest presses and pulls to improve strength and power. It is these current tests that the annual tests would be modelled on.

However, the article goes on to state that the proposals could falter due to equality laws that are in place that make it illegal to discriminate against employees on the grounds of sex or age. To me this seems ridiculous. Given the nature of the job, and the responsibility that is involved, I would certainly encourage annual fitness tests, and possibly even more regular checks than that. Police officers should be at the height of fitness in this country.


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  2. Police officers should be at the height of fitness in any country. Have you seen an American police officer? It's not a stereotype... 95% of them are fat, old, and lazy. I really doubt one could chase me down if I ran from one.