Thursday, 16 June 2011

Acai Berries

Being interested in health, fitness, weight loss and the like I am always researching and coming across different ideas and products. There has been, I guess, a ‘hot topic’ over the last couple of years within the weight loss world, and the topic is on acai berries. These are supposed to be a ‘Super Food’ that you take as a supplement to help lose weight, and they have gained quite a lot of attention. Now, this is not something that I have tried, though I have thought about it, but here is why I haven’t tried it. It’s just a fruit. Like many other fruits it will have its positive aspects, but at the end of the day you’ll need to be eating a well balanced diet with or without these acai berries. Like I mentioned, I have not tried the acai berry, but I just cannot see it being any more beneficial than simply eating right and exercising.


  1. Well super foods are supposed to be better for you most normal stuff right. Problem is there loads times more expensive than normal food.