Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Full Body Stretch

Full Body Stretch

This blog has already discussed the importance of stretching (look it up!). This particular entry, however, will discuss a full body stretch that can be used to end any workout, leaving us flexible and ready for the next day.

To do this full body stretch we sit on the floor with one leg stretched out in front of us. We place the foot of the other leg touching the inner thigh of the stretched out leg, making the shape of a '4' with our legs. Stretch both arms out, attempting to touch the toe of the outstretched leg. This will stretch many parts of our body. The calf, achilles, hamstring, hip, knee, lower back, glutes, shoulder and wrists will all be stretched in this move. Aim to hold for 20-30 seconds and then swap legs.

This is simply a great way of ending a workout to ensure that the body remains flexible and supple. It will help our muscles to recover properly, allowing them to develop and grow. However, it is best that we still combine this stretch with other stretches to get the most from it.

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